A very big crowd walking in a dense urban city

What is Normalem?

Normalem is a conversation expressed through t-shirts.

It is primarily a conversation on how to live.

We human beings, are not made of rigid wire. The variety of desires and needs, of motivations and purposes we can establish is enormous. However, it is not evident at all which of these desires or needs are more appropriate than others, which of them are “real” necessities and which aren’t.

To distinguish these things better is the real purpose of wisdom; that is the sort of wisdom that we are after, and into that search we want to invite you in.

The problem is that the conversation into these foundational questions can go in any direction.

How do you think about what is good for a tree without considering its nature? So, how would we decide what is a good human life, without considering what a human life consist of? If life is a perpetual interaction with things and persons, how can you think on how to live without referring to the nature of things with which you interact? If you interact within a society -and you certainly do-, a conversation on which attituded should be promoted in the public domain, for example, may require a notion of the nature of society.

And, still, you can take a step back and ask: how should I think on the good life? Is with scientific methods the right way? Or is literature and religion? Upon what you decide among them? And through this path, you can arrive to the nature of truth.

So Normalem can be pretty much a conversation about everything, but insofar as it is related to the good life and its purposes.

Why start a conversation like this? Well, for the same reason that any inquiry begins: because we do not know, and knowledge on this topic seems very relevant to us, since we want to live good lives.

Transforming our conclusions into a network of content and t-shirts allows us to share and organize what we have thought, in the hope of obtaining feedback and extending the conversation.

As our clothing expresses who we are, and a crucial part of our being is our understanding of the world, we decided to visually synthesize the tentative conclusions of our journey and, in this way, embody the results of our own reflection.


The Normalem Team